Ohoi’s Nightly News At Avalon Bey “COOPER”

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Cooper is now owned by Kris Batchelor, a PATH Certified Riding Instructor and PATH EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist at Triple Play Farm.  Kris keeps Cooper very busy as a therapy dog.
Cooper does visits and events:
Aspiecon, a Charlotte event for families with a child on the autism spectrum.
*Passed crisis response screening…it was an interview, obedience, crisis role play and crate test.  The role play included sirens, helicopters and Cooper was fine until…the crying baby!  Like a true Newf, he perked right up and cocked his head. They loved him and he was a trooper. 🙂
*Next step is the three day training workshop in Atlanta in June and then he will be a crisis response dog and we will be eligible for call outs.  The organization is:  www.hopeaacr.org
*Work at the UNCC Veteran conference spreading the word about animal assisted therapy.