True to its working roots, the Pumi is intelligent, a quick learner, and energetic, with an excellent work ethic. The Pumi is an active dog, combining the biddability and intelligence of the herding dog along with the alertness and activity of a terrier. Because they are intelligent, they need daily work to do, whether it’s herding, obedience, flyball, jogging, or chasing tennis balls.

Its intelligence, liveliness, and expressive nature make it a good breed for an active family. It’s terrier-like qualities give it a joie de vivre that will lift anyone’s day, and the whimsical expression will make you smile anyway.

The breed’s unique qualities make Pumik increasingly popular in agility, obedience and various other dog sport and companion events. For a rare breed, the Pumi s making its mark in the agility ring, with multiple MACh titles, a USA World Team member, and a two-time Eukanuba Invitational winner. There are also titlists in just about every possible dog sport including obedience, flyball, nose work, tracking, coursing, and of course, herding.

Almost all Pumik retain the herding instinct and do well in herding trials, provided they’re trained by someone familiar with their particular style of herding (a loose-eyed, close-working style). The Pumi can be still found in Hungary living on farms and working with professional shepherds.

Avalon Bey is excited to be a part of the Hungarian Pumi a herding breed of AKC Dogs.

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