Avalon Bey and Owners proudly present all their talents and love of their Newfoundland dogs.  I am always a phone call away, call me anytime!!

July 2018
The SENC Regional Specialty in Greenville, SC – What a good Looking Group of People!!!!!!




For Harriet, My Friend – “Let me tell you a Story”
Harriet would always have a great story to tell me about the dogs.  Whenever Harriet called me, she would always start out our conversation with “Let me tell you a Story Laura”.  I loved to hear her laugh and tell me how much she loved Honey Bear.  Harriet made a donation to the 2018 SENC Regional Specialty Best of Breed class for both Saturday and Sunday. These Best of Breed wins are dedicated to Harriet, my friend who loved her dogs, especially Honey Bear!! And Thank you to Bob, her husband, who I am most grateful for all your help!!








June 2018
Cooper and Dancer are not only certified farm dogs but they have earned their therapy titles as well. Way to Go….My sweet Dancer and Cooper!!!  Thank you Kris for all you do with them!!!

March 2018
Gotta love newfies that take it easy but then it’s time for a bath…did someone blow their coat!!!  Afterwards, newf becomes an automatic STAR!!!  Thank you Albert and MaryCatherine!!!





December 2017
Laura had the honor of judging the Sweepstakes for the New England Newfoundland Club.


Look what’s under the Christmas Tree!!! Steve– Carrie and Zeus are the most adorable Christmas Gifts ever!!!




November 2017
Laura had the honor of judging the Sweepstakes for the Komondor National

August 2017
Congratulations to Fidelia Van Steertegem and Bri – Avalon Beys I Shall Wear Midnight RAE CGCA CGCU TKI. High Scoring Newfoundland in Trial!
Absolutely Amazing!!  I am so very proud of Fidelia and Bri!!!

July 2017
Watch Derby water training with her owner, Jo Nussle!!
Go Derby!!  Click on the link to see the video.

June 2017
Visiting with Janet and Murphy at the Grayslake, IL shows.  Thank you to Janet for all her hospitality, McDonald fish sandwiches and DQ Dilly Bars.

This is what we do during our Summer Vacation!!!  Visit our newfie friends in Orlando, Christa, Kevin and Olive and Bob and Harriet and Saffron–Thank you ever so much for all your help during the Orlando shows!!!

May 2017 
Extending A Huge Thank You!!
Saffron – Avalon Bey’s No Reservations now lives in Boca Raton, FL, where she will be used as a service dog for owner Harriet and Bob.  I want to thank Harriet for the very generous donation donated to Animal-Aid, Inc., that was made in honor of Laura Rader for Saffron.
Click here to read the most wonderful Donation Letter from Animal-Aid. 

April 2017
Bri wins Highest Scoring Newfoundland in Rally advance excellent at the Oregon, Newfoundland National Specialty.  I am so proud of you both!!!





March 2017
Laura had the honor of judging the Sweepstakes for the NewPenDel Newfoundland Club.