URO2 ALCH Avalon Bey’s I Shall Wear Midnight CD PCD GN RAE CGCA CGCU TKI DD4 “BRI”

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Fidelia was just 16 years old when she and her mom called me inquiring about a newfoundland.  She was a girl who knew what she wanted and knew that a Newfoundland dog was the best dog for her needs.  Laura Rader has been ever so proud of Fidelia and Bri.  Together, these two have accomplished life’s biggest trials.
Bri has earned titles in rally, obedience, drafting, and UKC altered conformation.
Bri and Fidelia were invited to 2016 Rally Nationals at Novice level, and to the 2018 Rally Nationals at the Rally Advanced Excellent level.
Bri went High Combined in Rally Advanced Excellent at the 2017 NCA National.
In obedience Bri went highest scoring Newfoundland in trial at the Regional Specialty in 2017, and earned a High In Trial out of the open class at the local German Shepherd specialty in 2018.
Bri has 2/3 legs towards her open obedience title, 2/3 legs towards her UKC novice obedience title and half the points needed for her lure coursing BCAT title. She is the #3 ranked Newfoundland in the lifetime of the Fast CAT sport.
Bri is a UKC altered Champion with ten Best Altered in Multibreed Show wins. She is a UKC Altered Total Dog recipient, an award for dogs who qualify in a performance event and earn a competition win at the same show.
Bri is also Fidelia’s service dog, trained to perform tasks that mitigate a disabling condition. She embodies the breed’s sweetness of temperament and working abilities in her everyday work. I am just so proud of these two girls!!